Frequently Asked Questions

How long will counseling take?

How long is each session?

Counseling is a process no matter an individual's age. No one can determine how many counseling sessions you or your child will need to attend. Termination of the counseling relationship should occur when clients or clients' parents feel resolve regarding the issues that brought them to counseling. Counseling sessions may range from 6 to 106 depending on what you are struggling with. 


Individual sessions for all ages average around 45-50 minutes. Play therapy sessions may be somewhat shorter depending on how much picking up the play room requires. Counselors may shorten play sessions in order to consult with parents.

Other treatment formats such as group, family, or couples counseling may last longer depending on the need of the individuals involved.

How much does counseling cost?

Do you accept insurance?

The fee for counseling is $120 per individual session (50 minutes). Fees may vary for other treatment formats (i.e. group or family counseling) or longer/shorter session lengths.




Connections is private pay only. However, you will receive an insurance eligible statement for you to use to file for out of network benefits.

How do I talk about play therapy with my child?

Please visit the Play Therapy page for this information.